The South African Body of Dance is a non-profit company.

Vision Statement

We strive to be recognised as the leading association in the country with regards to the development of dance and we aim to instil a passion and a love of dance in all its aspects in our members, their pupils and the public at large.

Our Mission

is to train and develop dancers and to transform them into confident entertainers and accomplished performers. We aim to instil in each dancer a sense of self-discipline, a competitive spirit, a desire to be physically healthy, a true appreciation of ability and talent and a determination to improve and to progress in a structured manner.

We aim to provide a sound education in an honourable environment where opportunity exists to select dance with its many facets as a possible career path.

In addition our goal is to provide an extra-mural activity which gives our youth a chance to develop their skills mentally, physically and emotionally in order to become not only better dancers but better human beings.

Membership to SABOD is open to all races, creeds and religions and we advocate transparency and non-discrimination in all our endeavours.


Passionate About teaching

creative about dance


Our Love for Dance


Sponsorships are awarded annually to development dancers to enable them to become teachers and/or judges.  These are given to dancers who would otherwise not have been able to afford obtaining these skills.



Our youth forum gives the youth a say in all matters pertaining to our association. Dancers are involved in the election of a student chairperson and all matters pertaining to the ‘youth and  dancing’ are discussed at youth meetings.

Dance is a conversation between body and soul

Styles of Dance

Performing Arts:

Jazz, Modern, Tap, Showdance

Street styles:

Hip Hop,  Popping, Breakdance and All Styles Battles

International Affiliation

SABOD is the only dance body in South Africa who is affiliated to the International Dance Organisation. (IDO). This is a World Dance and Dance Sport Federation with a membership of over 90 countries and representing more than 250,000 dancers from six continents.


SABOD hosts competitions throughout the country which provide an opportunity for dancers to compete in all age groups and levels of skill in all dance forms.

Link to our competition entry page: www/sabod.co.za/sys